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Outcomm Facilitation

The OutComm Process

The dynamic OutComm visual mapping process is used to facilitate results-oriented meetings, including strategic planning, problem-solving, marketing and other sessions which require idea generation and analysis that leads to action. This amazingly powerful process, developed using best-practice tools, is practical, flexible, and robust with six distinct phases.

OutComm is a highly interactive visual mapping process Professional OutComm facilitator

The OutComm visual mapping process has been developed using international and local tools and techniques. The process is practical, flexible and robust, with 6 phases…


A comprehensive brief is taken with the client, to determine the issues, objectives and 'outcomes' or deliverables required. This results in the development of the focused workshop agenda and key questions to be answered.

Divergent Thinking
The OutComm facilitator poses 'open'-ended questions, stimulating divergent and lateral thinking. The responses to the questions are written on oval cards, gathered & clustered on the adhesive sheets.
After similar ideas have been clustered, 'unpacking' and analysis ensures common understanding and clarity of the ideas - this may involve a rating system.
Convergent Thinking
With a common understanding, participants prioritize the ideas or solutions using a number of processes including anonymous voting.
Action Planning
Action plans are developed on the prioritized solutions, using the headings…What steps? By whom? By when? What measures?
Digital photos are taken and a hard copy report detailing the outcomes is created in MS Word, delivered within ten working days of the workshop.


  • Strategic planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Vision and Mission development
  • Role clarification
  • Conflict resolution
  • Customer service enhancement
  • Problem solving
  • Team and organizational development
  • Community building

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